eVisit Analyst is a comprehensive analytics product used by retail, banking, higher education and local government websites.

By giving you the power to see how visitors are using your site, eVisit Analyst enables you to improve visitor interaction, smooth out sticking points in your visitor paths and raise your ROI on online marketing.

eVisit Analyst can offer a javascript tagging solution that does not rely on cookies or log files to function but still provides a full suite of advanced web analytics reporting.

Our cookie-free solution complies with the EU Directive on cookies and remains compliant to industry standards.


How live are your stats?

Do you know what's happening on your website right now? Find out in real-time rather than several days later with myLiveDashboard.

How are your conversions?

eVisit Analyst allows you to analyse visitor data captured across the lifetime of their interactions with your website.

Who owns your data?

The ownership of your own data is important for your peace of mind. Be sure it's not being used by third parties or competitors.

Are your analytics legal?

Find out how eVisit Analyst's cookie-free analytics technology can keep your analytics accurate and legally compliant.